Barneys Farm Bar Restaurant - Uptown

Barneys Farm - Uptown

Welcome to Amsterdam’s coolest  “smoker-friendly” alternative, Barney’s Uptown, a bar and restaurant with exceptional food and beverages, a comfortably chic décor, and exceptional service.
A quick five-minute walk from Centraal Station and across the street from the legendary Barney’s Coffeeshop, Barney’s Uptown is a great place for either drinks at the bar or full meal table service.

Choose a libation or two from the extensive selection of delicious and inventive cocktails, quality Belgian and Dutch draft beers, and wines produced exclusively for Barney’s by one of Northern Italy’s best vintners.

Whether it’s some snacks to enjoy with your favorite drinks or a leisurely meal, the new menu at Barney’s Uptown offers well-prepared choices for all kinds of tastes.
The daytime vibe at Barney’s Uptown makes it a great place for relaxed conversation. The atmosphere becomes even more festive in the evenings, with a featured DJ or host. Thursday is Ladies’ Night, when women can get half-priced wine and cocktails from 7pm till closing.

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