Barneys Farm shop - Lounge

Barneys Farm Coffeeshop - Lounge

The casual charm of Barney’s Farm makes it one of Amsterdam’s happiest, smoker-friendly hangouts. As laid-back as this all might seem, however, Barney’s longstanding tradition of excellence in products and service is something we take very seriously. Whether it’s choosing a midday meal or selecting the perfect seeds, members of our staff are more than happy to answer your questions.

An informal menu, along with wine and beer service, further enhances the relaxed atmosphere at Barney’s Farm. Feel free to come by and unwind, and know that whatever you order, it’s made from quality ingredients and properly prepared.

And when it comes to our seeds, we are continually improving quality, with the goal of preserving the best landraces and creating superior genetics. Barney’s Farm feminized seeds are recognized as the best in the world, and we invest a great deal of time and resources to developing new and innovative products to the high quality standards of Barney's.

Our staff is specifically trained to make it all look easy and make you feel welcome. So join us at Barney’s Farm for an all-around, easy-going experience.

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